The Africans arrived in the Virginia colony way back in 1619 as slaves and were forced to follow a certain form of dressing by the white owners. In spite of all the constrictions, the African Americans were cautious about their dressing in the nineteenth century. Though the black man has often been misunderstood in the society, he finally was able to fuse the cultural aspects and incorporate the modern trends in his grooming attire and personality.

Here’s how trendy African American clothing should be chosen.

  1.     Skin Color: The African skin color normally falls in the last three categories of Fitzpatrick scale. For a darker skin tone, bright colors like pastels, whites, shades of purple, yellow etc. should be chosen. These are warm colors that will complement your skin tone and will enhance your personality.

  1.    Bottoms: Your wardrobe should have jeans, chinos and trousers. Jeans are the versatile piece of clothing that helps in both dressing up or down. To add a bit of interest, add few chinos to your wardrobe. Being almost as comfortable and durable as jeans, they provide a fashion-forward look. A well-fitted pair of trousers depicts that man cares about his image.
  1.    Tops: When it comes to the top, you should have some slim fitting dress shirts and t-shirts. You might be wondering why the mention of African t shirts. Having a white t-shirt in your wardrobe and pairing it with a blazer or a leather jacket brings out such an amazing look that is hard to beat. You can have this t-shirt in either V-neck or crew neck; however, it should not be loose but body fitting. Find one that has no design on it and if you find one with some buttons on it, it will add to the style factor.

  1.    Shoes: They are the beginning and end of any outfit. This should be the first item that you should buy and then use them as the foundation to build your entire attire. You can go for Calfskin leather or full grain leather in brown or black color. Brown is more versatile, while black is more for formal events.
  1.    Hair: The Afro-Americans have very typical hair that is often composed of coiled curls, which can range from very tight curls to wavy ones. In the African culture, unkempt hair is a sign of unattractiveness. The way you groom your hair also affects your overall personality. The trendiest of the clothing cannot afford to give you a pleasant appearance if your hair is not groomed properly.

It is true that a person is first judged by his looks. In your very first appearance, it is the clothing that represents how you think of yourself and what you can offer. You are judged in the first 10 seconds of meeting someone and thus the way you dress is extremely important.

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